What is Measure2CAD?

SolidWorks CADMeasure2CAD is a stand-alone software for measuring objects and capturing physical dimensions.

Using a measuring arm, Meausre2CAD turns your CMM into an easy-to-use digital measuring tool.

Probing 2D features (slots and circles) and 3D features (spheres and cylinders) are only some of the measurement tools available in Measure2CAD.


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Measure2CAD Features

  • Measure diameters, distances, and angles with your measuring arm
  • Intelligently apply offset values to compensate probe tip sizes
  • Save and export measurement history to use for future applications
  • Acquire single points or continuously scan point clouds
  • Export measurement results into Excel spreadsheets



You can try out Measure2CAD for free with a 14 day long trial License.

You can issue your trial Measure2CAD license from the Measure2CAD software. Warning: You must issue a Trial License to be able to upgrade it to a Premium License and to purchase support for that License. To purchase a Premium License or to add support for that License visit your License Manager.

Supported CMMs

logo faro log revware logo romer logo kreon-baces3d logo precitrack logo karbon

MicroScribe arms Romer arms with
WinRDS or RDS driver

Kreon arms


Karbon Optical CMM

Getting Started

  1. Register or login at the top of this page.
  2. Go to 'Downloads' and follow the instructions.
  3. Install Measure2CAD.
  4. Start Measure2CAD and request a trial license.
  5. Read the User Manual and watch the video tutorials to learn Measure2CAD.
Click here for more information
about Measure2CAD installation process.


System Requirements

  • Faro arms with USB connection, Romer, MicroScribe or
    Kreon arms
  • Computer with Windows XP or later operating system


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